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Genuine Employees

When you read this, I’ll be on my way back to Rome after having spent the better part of a week in the Marche region of Italy. Rome marks the bittersweet beginning of my journey home. While here, through a mutual friend, I met one of the most genuine people I have ever met, Rosa. She was just the most gracious, kind person you can imagine. She basically became our guide to this region, and she cooked us some of the most amazing food!  

The reason Rosa became the subject of my blog this week is that she is the kind of person you just want to be around. She brings out the best in people and she always has a smile on her face. As we were wandering through some medieval village, a little lost, we offered to break out Google maps to find our way. She said, “No, I hate google maps!” She explained that the software is way too impersonal, that she much prefers to ask the local people. “That way,” she said, “I get an opportunity to meet someone new and talk to them. I get much more insight and I might learn something that I didn’t think to ask.” Rosa is one of those people who has never met a stranger.

I follow John Spence on Linked In, and by now you know what a fan of his I am. This week he wrote a blog article about the people who work for us. The message he delivered to OPIE users years ago was on the page again. John was reiterating the importance of the people in your workplace and how they are truly the cornerstone of your practice. It is the first part of our education and training at OPIE: People, then Process, then Tools. All are part of a three-legged stool that supports the business, all equally important, and all critical to success. We are all in the business of providing a service to our customers and the primary differentiator we have to leverage for success is the quality of that care.

John’s blog is called “I Don’t Care.” and he says “Remember, the customer’s experience will never exceed the employee’s experience. Hire great people and take care of them.”

I know how hard it is to find people to work these days, much less good people. And this brings me back to Rosa. She is a gem. I have no doubt that whatever she does, she is going to make sure that everyone around her has a great experience. Not a phony, good experience, but one you walk away from and realize that the care is genuine. She derives joy from other people’s joy. So as you are looking to fill a position in your office, take the time to find your “Rosa,” whether that search takes a week, a month, or longer, find her! And if you are not looking for a person to put on your staff now, start looking for Rosa anyway. When the right person comes along, you can always find a place for them. You can teach skills, but you can not teach attitude, and attitude is where you find success.

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