Leading with Maturity

I read a blog by the Eblin Group about management style and this really resonated with me.  Maybe even convicted me a bit.  So, to anyone who worked for me in the past, I apologize!  The good news is we can grow and learn, and I hope that over the years I have grown such that I practice what I preach in these blogs.  At one point I truly believed that managing people was a lot like raising kids.  And in all fairness, the setting matters.  Depending on who is working and what they are hired to do, that kind of relationship may be appropriate.  But for our purposes, we are in an O&P practice, doing very “Adult” things, solving real problems for real people where the solutions we create are life-altering.  The stakes are high, and we should all be adults.

If you agree with me, that the adult-to-adult relationship is the desired relationship for your O&P practice, take a look at the chart below and exercise your self-reflecting skills to see if there is an opportunity to grow.

While there may be a bit of over-simplification there, you can probably figure out which way your style leans.  Are there other markers you can think of? Do you disagree with any of them?  Have you already recognized a style in yourself that you have changed or are working to change?

This can be a “chicken and egg” problem.  If you are in a “Parent-Child” management paradigm, how do you transition to the “Adult-to-Adult” model? How do you build that trust and create an environment that is conducive to that new style?

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