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The Patients are Coming!

As I talk to people in this profession day in and day out, I hear the same story…staffing is the biggest challenge. Pre-covid, many people had well-oiled machines but now the staff has changed. 

Many say they are struggling with the basic tasks that were seamless a couple of years ago. We have necessarily fallen back to working for our businesses rather than working on our businesses. When you are over your head in patient care, it is hard to pull yourself above the fray and be strategic.  

But the strategy is every bit as important now as it was two years ago…maybe more so. I know it is easy to sit outside your business and talk about the need for planning. I also know the reality of running a business when you are the chief bottle washer, cook, and CEO. You are covered head-to-toe in plaster, two patients waiting on you, and now here’s Scott asking about your strategy! Ha! I can feel the eye rolls all the way over here. 

Let’s start with the next three months. Can you believe it? The third quarter of the year is almost over! It’s time to prepare for the winter sprint. Not only the holidays but the patients. Are you ready for the year-end delivery rush? Is it time to take steps to prepare the lab and the supplies? Verify appointments, and check progress? Is there anything you can do now to reduce the last-minute stress? Especially if you have new staff that has not experienced the end-of-the-year rush. Chances are, something you take for granted will be missed unless you take a little time to plan. And part of that planning is assessing where you are.

Have the admin team go into your WIP:Aim For Success tool. Go to the “All Active WIP” tab and click on the Rx Date column. Are any of your Rx’s about to expire? Do your patients need to be seen by their Dr. before you can deliver? Have them make an appointment ASAP because the Dr. will be getting busy too. Little things like that can make all the difference when it comes time to deliver. 

Hard as it is, one cold truth is that as the owner and or leader, you absolutely must make some time to pull your head out of the weeds and get your bearings. Now is a good time to look at your year-to-date data. 

What is happening with your referral sources? Have any of them reduced the value of the patient referrals to your practice? What can you do to impact this? The quickest way to get this information is through the Executive Dashboard Referrals tab. You can see at a glance what is going on in this critical aspect of your business.  

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