Gain rich, real-time business intelligence to help you make better business decisions.

OPIE is proud to offer this resource to our Hosted Users and Choice members. These tools provide state-of-the-art dashboards and advanced analytic power that allow you to view critical aspects of your business. Users are saving more than 45 minutes a day in the time it would take to generate this information. Here is a sampling of the tools available – there are many more not shown here!

The “overview” tool provides you with a quick view of key metrics that can indicate the health of your practice. Notice the tabs at the bottom; Choice members can select the different tabs to see the “data behind the numbers!”

The Executive Dashboard is available to all OPIE Hosted Customers.  This tab is showing the visit mix so you can see what type of visits are occurring in your practice, they can be filtered by Date, Practitioner, Location or type (O vs P).  You can use this to see if your clinician’s time is generating revenue or not.

The ‘Collections with Allowable’ tool shows your Gross vs. Net by month in the upper left. Gross is the percent of U&C collected, while the Net is the percent of your ‘Fee Schedule’ collected. The middle row is looking at profitability and Cost of Materials. This tool allows you to really understand how well you are managing costs and applying them to the patients for whom they are incurred.

The ‘Abnormal Records’ tab in the Collections tool highlights those unusual patient accounts that might benefit from some review. Whether it is deliveries with no associated payment, or patients with no cost of materials, these are places where your company might be leaving “cash on the table.” This tool helps you find that money easily.

The ‘Operational Overview’ tool will also look familiar to our Legacy Dashboard users. But the look is all they have in common! More powerful filters and the ability to access the data behind the numbers really drive the power of this tool

The WIP: Aim for Success tool allows you to strategically manage your patients as they progress through your workflow and if you elect to display financial data, allows you to focus efforts on strategically scheduling patients to maintain desired cashflow.

The Insurance Verification and Authorization tool is designed by billers for billers.  It allows the viewer to see at a glance how any and which patients are at various states of progress in the verification authorization process.  Further, it will identify and deliveries that are scheduled to occur after a policy lapses or and authorization expires.

Understanding the aging of your A/R is a critical part of your cash flow management strategy. How is it changing? Is patient responsibility increasing? Reach out to us and let us share our knowledge and experience with you! Visit Analytics Tools