OPIE Choice Membership

Membership Benefits

Education Discounts

OPIE Choice Network Members get a discount off list prices for new 

OPIE Plus: 50% discount off list prices for new users and branches OPIE Choice: 20% (Leadership), 10% (Pro), 5% (Essential) discount off list prices for new users and branches IMPORTANT: • This is on the UPFRONT ONLY for BOTH branches & users. • The discounts do not stack (so if they’re Plus and Choice, they just get 50%). Please update Choice website to make the discounts rates the same as above for Accreditation Manuals, Professional Services, and Educational Events. Please update product flyers to incorporate these discounts. Please see Pate, Scott or Jeremy if you have any questions. Thank you!

Professional Services Discounts

We’ve mastered the OPIE Workflow and want to help your practice excel. Meet our team of OPIE Software experts ready to support your practice management needs. No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver solutions. From virtual or on-site trainings, to consulting services, the OPIE experts can make a difference for your practice.

As an OPIE Choice member, you can receive up to 20% off professional services! Consult your membership plan for more details.

Risk Analysis

Cailor Fleming Insurance is a recognized specialist in the O&P profession and has over 25 years of experience guaranteeing you are properly insured. Their comprehensive risk analysis will provide you confidence in knowing your policies are correct for your business, or what necessary coverages should be added to your policy to provide you the best insurance protection. Cailor Fleming can also provide you a comprehensive insurance solution using proprietary products designed specifically for you and the O&P profession.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Protecting your business is vital in today’s cyber environment. The average breach can cost a business $250,000 out of pocket. Even if you don’t host data, you’re still responsible in the event of a breach. Transferring that risk to a cyber insurance policy is far more affordable than you think and will cover far more than you expect. It gives you a risk management team that knows how to handle a breach.

Cyber insurance is both liability and property insurance, protecting a company with regard to hacking, ransomware, data destruction, extortion, theft and denial of service attacks, as well as liability coverage that applies to losses to others caused by errors and omissions, credit card monitoring, PR and investigative expenses, and more.

Accreditation Manual Discounts

One of the most difficult and crucial aspects of accreditation is accurately documenting your policies and procedures.

We have thoroughly reviewed the quality standards issued by CMS to the accrediting organizations, and the accreditation standards of the major O&P accrediting organizations. Through that knowledge and the significant feedback that we’ve collected over many years, we can create a customized policy and procedure manual that addresses your specific needs, incorporates best practices, and complies with the major accreditation program standards.

Creating your own manual will take weeks, let us do it for you instead. When you purchase our service, you complete a brief survey that gathers key information from you. One of our experts will then review your responses, call you if needed to discuss requirements, and then create and deliver a comprehensive document tailored to your practice.

If you are interested in purchasing an accreditation manual, email Scott Williamson at scott.williamson@opiesoftware.com. 

Human Resources Consulting

Identify, assess and mitigate your risks with tools like:

  • Human Resources Department Compliance Audits
  • Employee Handbook Review and Development
  • Recruiting, Hiring Practices and Procedures (FLSA)
  • Compliance and Operational Training for Employees, Supervisors and Managers
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Policies and Training
  • Harassment & Discrimination Policies, Training and Investigation
  • Employee Disability and Leave Maze Navigation (FMLA, ADA, Workers’ Comp.)
  • Employment-related Agreements and Contracts